Neeco Industries, Inc. is pleased to introduce its Model FLSN API-6A MONOGRAMMED Gate Valves. The Neeco FLSN API-6A gate valve contains a onepiece seat, without any body bushings, perfect for use on BOP stacks and drilling manifolds in severe applications for offshore and onshore rigs.

The Neeco FLSN valve is a full-bore, through-conduit double-flanged valve that contain a non-rising stem and solid single-piece slab gate. They are forged component valves with a bi-directional design and include a positive metal-to-metal seal. (FLSN valves do not utilize split gates or two-piece seats that can potentially pressure lock).

FLSN - Flanged End Valves 2,000psi to 5,000psi
FLSN- Flanged End Valves 10,000 psi
FLSN- Flanged End Valves 15,000 psi