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Neeco offers a broad range of pressure and flow control products for the oil and gas, aerospace, defense, power generation, commercial and general industries. From HPHT manifolds to Fire-Safe Rated Ball Valves, we manufacture and distribute products throughout the world for various applications.

Internationally accepted by customers throughout the world since 1984.

Featured Products!

Defense (Marine) Valves - 1005 Series (2-Way, Globe Valve)

Defense (Marine) Valves

Fire-Safe Rated Ball Valves - 57 Series (3-Way, SE, Fire-Safe Diverter Ball Valve)

Fire-Safe Rated Ball Valves

Informative Learning
on Raw Material Processes

Casting vs

Forged components make possible designs that accommodate the highest loads and stresses.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is a critical and necessary manufacturing process at the raw material stage to ensure material integrity.