Wellcon Frac

The FRAC valve is used in severe applications throughout the USA. Large-bore valves in 5-1/8 and 7-1/16 meet the requirements of API-6A and have been tested to PR-2. These valves utilize a low torque operator by incorporating a ball-screw assembly for ease of operating under full differential. 
Designed as a manual valve for high-pressure applications, the NF Series is a large-bore HP fracturing API 6A slab-style gate valve that is a heavy-duty, reliable gate valve for hydraulic fracturing. It reduces exposure to potential erosion and contamination associated with the midrange position because it quickly cycles from fully closed to fully open.  
Gate valves in frac trees and manifolds frequently flow and control high-pressure, high-volume, abrasive fracturing fluids for days and even weeks. Given the erosive, corrosive, and sometimes sour nature of typical fracturing and flowback fluids, these valves are trimmed for maximum corrosion and erosion protection and feature.