Industries Served

Each year, hundreds of clients from all over the world, from all types of industries, rely on the expertise of Neeco Industries, Inc.

Oil & Gas Upstream

The Upstream industry composes of the well-construction, drilling, completion, and production operations involved in extracting minerals from the earth. Neeco has been providing high-pressure products to end-users, service companies, drilling contractors, flowback companies, rental and various others since 1984. We offer high-pressure solutions for the severe service (H2S) encountered by operators in the field. All products are engineered, manufactured and supported in-house with a fully integrated process control system compliant with API standards.

Industries Midstream

Midstream & Transmission

Midstream and Transmission companies require our products for gas storage facilities and control flow applications. Neeco provides this sector of the Oil & Gas industry specialized valves that can operate in extreme temperatures and easily open or close as needed in the field. Our customers include pipeline companies and gas distributors requiring control flow products. Valves are manufactured to ensure low-pressure sealing and fully compliant to API 1170-1171.


Neeco is a company operating in the geothermal sector providing wellhead valves and systems for high-temperature geothermal wells and offers services such as wellhead repairs. Our products are actively working in various regions of the world including Turkey (Western Anatolia), Indonesia (Java) and USA (California). We have a strong presence in the Geysers field area working with various well service and distribution companies. The company specializes in the development of geothermal equipment and services for geothermal power plants, focusing on wellheads and valves.

Power Generation

Neeco Industries has been involved in the global power generation market for over two decades. Today, we are on the forefront of power production throughout the world installing our valves in hundreds of combined cycle and thermal installations including fossil, natural gas, nuclear and solar power stations. Our products are typically used by coal fired power plants, natural gas power plants and combined cycle power plants

Industries Aerospace and defense

Aerospace & Defense

The US Navy, U.S. Navy shipyards, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) all require a wide range of specialty valves and components for surface ship and submarine applications. Neeco manufactures a range of products for the defense market, including gate, globe, ball and relief valves. Our high-performance valves are designed to operate in various types of media—from steam to sea water. Neeco has a long history of providing quality flow control products for various industries and is proud to be offering products for use in the Defense Sector.